Next Generation Bee Culture Magazine is here!

Vision and Change

About 6 months ago, we launched the first step in an improved version of our website.  Today we take another step in that process. At the core, we have been and will always be dedicated to being the leading publication focused on teaching sustainable beekeeping to beginning; as well as experienced beekeepers.  With our broad range of readers – beginners to experts, rural to urban, layman to PhD., we want to take advantage of the technologies available today and ensure the most timely and engaging delivery of information that is most relevant to you.  Further, we want to be as approachable as possible and want you to get to know us and our dedicated writers who work hard to focus on curating and creating the best on specific topics.

But, as they say, change is not easy. To set the new foundation, we introduced a new subscriber management system that makes it easier to subscribe, renew and select from a broader and deeper array of content access options. Joining our existing system to this new model was a challenge, but we figured it out. It is a better system.

And of course now there is the enhanced website, which we feel is rich in content and offers access to every magazine article, Catch The Buzz post, and additional posts about Beekeeping, Bee Life, Bee Science and Bee Resources.  In recognizing how more and more people are accessing our web content on mobile phones, we made sure that our website was optimized for this browsing experience when you’re on the go.

Also, we have dramatically improved the experience with our digital edition of Bee Culture.  The page flipping browser experience will still be available to our digital subscribers, but this content will now be available in a much more readable layout/experience via our new mobile app for mobile phones and tablets.

The changes announced today are just the beginning. Future plans include bringing you access to our Bee Culture Magazine archive dating back to 1985, bringing you credible, expert beekeeping training from beginner to expert level, accessible through our website and live webinar events with me and special guests.

We would really appreciate any feedback by leaving us a comment at the bottom of this post regarding your thoughts on our new offering.
Thanks for checking us out,
Kim Flottum


  • Phred says:

    I’m thrilled by the new site. Access to the archives means I can finally get rid of these boxes of the printed versions! One possible enhancement would be adding the author’s name of an article to the headline, but I can always do a search on my favorite authors’ names if need be.

  • Rick Bledsoe says:

    I don’t really understand all the changes. It won’t let me log in–it says I have to buy a new subscription, even though mine expires in June. I’m not paying for something twice, and not renewing something I can’t see. I can see some articles and click on them, but it’s not like the old version I like which is like paging through a magazine. I can’t figure out what’s going on with this mess.

  • Sheri Clark says:

    I can’t seem to sign up for the newsletter.

  • VAWebb says:

    Bee Culture Magazine has
    always been a leader in providing the most important information about the
    beekeeping industry into the hands of the beekeepers. As they continue to stay on top of innovation technology it
    will better serve all of agriculture.

  • Susan Marie Jones says:

    Love the greater accessibility!
    No problem signing up for the free 3 month trial….just follow the instructions to enter the promo code. The fields will change when you confirm.
    Way to go Bee Culture!

  • Tammy Horn says:

    I’m really impressed with the next stage of Bee Culture magazine! Thanks for consolidating the internet resources in one easily-managed place with great graphics.

  • Bill Hesbach says:

    I really appreciate and enjoy the new digital format. The home page presents the contents in a real natural and accessible way. Also congratulations on the smooth reader interface, I can now just scroll over an article read all I want and go back to the content page with a click or two. With archive access and an effortless interface you solved lots of issues that kept me, and I’m sure others, away from the benefits of a digital subscription. Thanks –

  • Libby says:

    Hi, love the online format. Please put the By-Line up with the article title and date — I like to know who I’m reading before I start the article! thanks very much
    Libby Mack

  • Sandra Ronan says:

    How about 3 free months for those of us with active subscriptions?

  • Rick Bledsoe says:

    To those of you who were already subscribers: did you have to renew your subscription to be able to log in and access the April and May issues?

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