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Industry Agencies and Organizations – Management Recommendations


Generalized Best Management Practices (BMPs)

     (For a complete BMP listing, perform a web search with keywords:  Best Management Practices Beekeeping)

     Managed Pollinator (Coordinated Agricultural Project, CAP)

     Massachusetts Beekeepers Association

     Maine Beekeepers Association

The Ohio State Beekeepers Association

     Project Apis m.


Industry Agencies and Organizations List

     Bee Informed Partnership

     Agriculture Network Information Collaborative (AgNic) (USDA/National Agriculture Library)

     Project Apis m.


Bee Yards (Apiaries)

     Urban/Suburban Beekeeping

     General bee yard characteristics


Beginning Beekeeping

     Beginning Beekeeping (American Beekeeping Federation)

     Beginning Beekeeping (Alabama Cooperative Extension System)

     Beekeeping Basics (Pennsylvania State University)

     9 Questions to Ask Before You Start Beekeeping (Homestead Survival Site)




     Basic Honey Bee Biology

     Honey Bee Swarms


Diseases, Pests, Insecticides

     Varroa:  Varroa mite biology 

     Wax moth

     Small hive beetle


     Colony Collapse Disorder

American foulbrood/European foulbrood


     Neonicotonoids – Map

     Neonicotonoid Pesticides and Honey Bees


 Hive Equipment

     Typical hive equipment

     University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign (Traditional equipment and traditional assembly)

     British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture – Beehive construction

     African traditional and modern hives (Including top bar hives)


     Observation Hives

     University of Wisconsin-Extension

     North Carolina State University


     Top Bar Hives

     Small Scale Beekeeping (Early discussion of top bar hives)

    Bee Lining Box and Lining Procedure

Gold Star Honeybees


Flowers, Pollination

      Poisonous plants for beekeeping

     Insect Pollination Of Cultivated Crop Plants


HoneyProduction and Processing




Fat Bees, Skinny Bees  – a manual on honey bee nutrition for beekeepers 


     Feeding Bees

     Best management practices – Massachusetts Beekeepers Association

Seasonal Management Schemes


Non-Apis Bees

     USDA ARS Native Bee Laboratory, Logan, UT


People and Places



     Cloake board method of queen rearing




     Bee Stings –  Medical Uses and Reactions


Wax, Propolis and any other hive products



     Best Management Practices (BMP) for Ontario Beekeepers’ in Advance of Winter


e-Books and on-line resources (Search keywords:  honey bees, beekeeping)

    Dyce Lab Pollinator & Beekeeping Resources(Cornell)

    Project Gutenberg

    Open Library