Best Books

Looking for a good, trusted book on beekeeping?

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Here is a list of some of the best beekeeping books and magazines you can have. Just click the image to go straight to a place to purchase.

New to Newish Beekeepers:

Backyard Beekeeper By: Kim Flottum

Beekeeper’s Problem Solver By: James E. Tew

First Lessons in Beekeeping By: Keith Delaplane

Advanced and Inquisitive Beekeepers

ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture By: 42nd Edition

The Hive and the Honey Bee By: 2015 Edition

Bee-sentials By: Lawrence John Connor with Robert Muir


U.S. Based Magazines

Bee Culture Magazine By: published by the A.I. Root Company

American Bee Journal published by Dadant

Outside of the U.S.

Hive Lights published in Canada

Alberta Bee News published in Canada

The Australian Beekeeper published in Australia

Apidologie published in Europe