CATCH THE BUZZ: Honey, Colonies and Prices UP, UP, UP!

Colony Count, Honey Production and Honey Prices Up In 2014

Released March 20, 2015, by the National Agricultural Statistics Service
(NASS), Agricultural Statistics Board, United States Department of
Agriculture (USDA).

United States Honey Production Up 19 Percent

Honey production in 2014 from producers with five or more colonies totaled
178 million pounds, up 19 percent from 2013. There were 2.74 million colonies
producing honey in 2014, up 4 percent from 2013. Yield per colony averaged
65.1 pounds, up 15 percent from the 56.6 pounds in 2013. Colonies which
produced honey in more than one State were counted in each State where the
honey was produced. Therefore, at the United States level yield per colony
may be understated, but total production would not be impacted. Colonies were
not included if honey was not harvested. Producer honey stocks were 41.2
million pounds on December 15, 2014, up 8 percent from a year earlier. Stocks
held by producers exclude those held under the commodity loan program.

Record High Honey Prices

Honey prices increased to a record high during 2014 to 216.1 cents per pound,
up 1 percent from 214.1 cents per pound in 2013. United States and State
level prices reflect the portions of honey sold through cooperatives,
private, and retail channels. Prices for each color class are derived by
weighting the quantities sold for each marketing channel. Prices for the 2013
crop reflect honey sold in 2013 and 2014. Some 2013 crop honey was sold in
2014, which caused some revisions to the 2013 crop prices.

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