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News & Analysis on Chocolate, Candy and Biscuits – July 17, 2019

Special Edition: Nature’s Sweetspot or Sugar Reduction

Sugar reduction is a major trend. More than half of consumers have identified reducing sugar intake as their top dietary focus according to recent analysis, with weight management a priority. The focus on healthy snacking means many consumers would rather have a raw cacao bar than an indulgent treat. However, just because a chocolate bar is deemed ‘healthy’, it doesn’t mean it has to be tasteless. In the 10 articles in this special newsletter, we focus on many of the innovative companies striving to make their products ‘sugar-free’ by using alternative processes and nature’s own sweet solution to keep chocolate tasting wonderfully indulgent without the guilt factor.

Shades of Sunshine set to drive food color innovation in 2019

A key trend for 2019 is using food and beverages to communicate a certain feeling or mood – whether it’s joy, excitement, or adventure. We’ve found that uplifting shades of yellow and orange can provide stimulating experiences. Find out how in our Trend Report…   Click Here

Health and weight management prime reasons to reduce sugar, say consumers

The main motivation for consumers to reduce their sugar intake is its negative effects on their health, Thomas Schmidt, marketing director at BENEO, told ConfectioneryNews… Read

Sugar derived from sucrose and berry-based sweetener prepped for takeoff

The naturally modified table sugar from Global Biolife, called Laetose, carries 30% fewer calories and about half the glycemic index compared to glucose… Read

Subbing Sweeteners: Hu turns to coconut sugar in limited-ingredient chocolate bars

The company, which landed a deal with Mondelēz in April, skips cane sugar and instead relies on naturally derived sweeteners: the sugars found in dense fruits and nutrient-rich root vegetables… Read

‘Unlocking the pulp potential’: Nestlé recipe replaces refined sugar with cocoa pulp

Nestlé has unveiled a new chocolate recipe that replaces refined sugar with cocoa pulp as it begins to explore the possibilities of side-stream utilisation to reduce food waste… Read

Spotlight on Ross Chocolates, one of the first ‘sugar-free’ confectionery brands

‘There’s no way this is sugar-free! That’s what most people say the first time they try Ross Chocolates, says Philip Hemmings the company’s sales manager, when CN spoke to him from his office in Vancouver, Canada… Read

ASTRAEA Allulose enables reduced- and no-sugar claims on confectionery labels

Recent draft guidance from the FDA on allulose unlocks opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers to further reduce sugar and calories… Read

Comet Bio harvests success with upcycled sweeteners

Sweetener blends upcycled from crop leftovers are higher in fiber, lower in sugar and calories, and functionally equivalent to conventional sweeteners… Read

Latest innovation from gelatin producer raises the sugar-free confectionery bar

Rousselot, a leading global producer of gelatin and collagen peptides, says it has successfully developed a new application concept to produce sugar-free confectionery… Read

Sweets in the City goes vegan, after Sugar investment

BBC One’s 2017 The Apprentice winner Sarah Lynn launches her brand new Sweets in the City vegan sweets at Waitrose, Holland & Barrett and WHSmith airport stores this summer… Read

DouxMatok accelerates its sugar reduction solution in foods, raising $22m in B Round funding

Company says it is possible to reduce more than 40% of the sugar content in a wide range of food products while retaining the same taste profile with its solution… Read


EXBERRY® Coloring Foods are made from fruits, vegetables, and edible plants and therefore 100% natural. To ensure the highest level of quality and year-round availability, GNT controls the entire EXBERRY® supply chain. Watch how we grow EXBERRY® colors…   Click Here


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