CATCH THE BUZZ – National Honey Board Requests Research Proposals, With Just A Hint Of A Twist.

By Alan Harman


The National Honey Board is currently seeking research proposals for projects focused on honey bee colony production.

It says its list of subjects it is interesting in funding under its 2016 budget include:

* Research leading to a practical control of Varro mite in commercial beekeeping operations.

* Follow-up research on a project which demonstrated a potential for practical application, but further study is advised. Special consideration will be given to research projects the NHB previously funded.

* An innovative research project that might not fit the vogue or current thinking, and therefore might not be considered for regular funding.

The board says other projects will be considered and research outside the U.S. is possible.

Applicants have to submit a one-page outline for the proposed research project July 24. This outline should include: the project title and principal researcher, objective or problem to be solved, proposed methodology, timeline and budget requirements.

The board will announce by Aug. 14, which of the proposal will proceed for further consideration. Those successful will be given an additional eight weeks to submit an in-depth research proposal.

The timeframe for projects being funded should generally not exceed 12 months, but the NHB says it is open to larger, multi-year projects with the understanding that funding for subsequent years would be contingent on funding availability.

The amount of funds available for a particular proposal will depend on the number and merit of proposals accepted, but the NHB is anticipating it will have about $350,000 in funding for projects in 2016.