CATCH THE BUZZ – Bee Culture’s First Podcast

Bee Culture’s very first podcast, BeekeepingTodayPodcast has been released and is available on their webpage at Jeff Ott and Kim Flottum have put together a collection of conversations with beekeepers, conservationists and pollinators for Pollinator Week. And stay tuned for a wide variety of unusual, and not so unusual people in the beekeeping community that will entertain, educate and inform you.

For our first program we visit with Amber Barnes, from Pollinator Partnership and Monarch Wings across Ohio. Amber tends the monarch garden here at Bee Culture’s Corporate Headquarters, and is a wildlife biologist. Her program and Pollinator Partnerships, is to work with all manner of organizations to provide suitable habitat for all kinds of pollinators, but her specialty is the Monarch Butterfly. Of course butterflies and honey bees pretty much eat the same things, so what’s good for the Monarch is good for

the honey bee. Tune it today and listen to Kim Flottum and Jeff Ott chat with Amber about her program, about Pollinator Partnership and about her garden in Kim’s Backyard.

And then check back again and listen to John Miller, Commercial Beekeeper from California and North Dakota, Joe Traynor, Almond Pollination Broker from Bakersfield, California, and Matthew Shepherd, Communications Director from the Xerces Society. All will be posted ASAP.

Then, you can subscribe to this Podcast for free on ITunes and get advance notice when new programs are posted.

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