CATCH THE BUZZ – Almond Pollinator Protection Plan

California Almond Community Announces Pollinator Protection Plan.

Preceding the start of the annual almond pollination season in February, the California almond community is launching a new five-point Pollinator Protection Plan. A collection of important initiatives aimed at protecting bees during almond bloom and beyond, this new plan reaffirms the industry’s long-standing commitment to researching, protecting and improving honey bee health.

Pollinators are essential to the production of many nutrient rich fruits, vegetables, and nuts, including almonds. In fact, every almond that is produced exists because a honey bee pollinated an almond blossom.

“Protecting and improving honey bee health during the short time that bees are in our orchards is critical to the success of every almond farmer. By working with national pollinator organizations, we are also engaging with partners who impact the health of bees during the other ten months that they spend outside of almonds,” said Josette Lewis, PhD, director of Agricultural Affairs at the Almond Board of California (ABC).

The Almond Board of California is a leader in the honey bee health conversation, and these efforts build on existing partnerships with more than 20 bee health organizations spanning universities, government agencies, nonprofits and beekeeping groups.

“Responsible farming is at the heart of what the California almond community does,” said Lewis. “Whether it is bee health, water efficiency, or other important sustainability areas, we stand committed to growing almonds in better, safer and healthier ways.”

To read the full Pollinator Protection Plan, click here.

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