CATCH THE BUZZ – EAS Foundation for Honey Bee Research Call for Proposals 2017

One (or more) awards available in 2017; the total amount available for all awards is $10,000. The award will be announced at the EAS 2017 Conference but available by May 1, 2017. The principle investigator must present their findings at the 2018 EAS Annual Conference, and we will publicize the award to aid in solicitation of additional funds for subsequent years.

Deadline for application is April 1, 2017. Additional submission details can be found at, and further inquiries can be directed to

Requests for support for student projects (undergraduate summer employees/ graduate student) or for equipment/ supplies for distinct research projects are given highest priority. We welcome separate discrete project proposals and requests that identify pieces of ongoing research programs where additional funds can accomplish an objective of a larger program. Grant funds may be used for supplies, equipment, salaries, travel, or other appropriate uses by the recipient. As a nonprofit organization, the EAS Foundation does not pay overhead on funded research grants.