What’s Happening in Bee Culture

What’s Happening in Bee Culture
By: The Bee Culture Staff

Jerry Hayes
Jerry Hayes started out in life as a High School teacher. He hated it. He went into another business where he worked with a beekeeper. Back many years ago Jerry knew about Honey Bees but nobody actually knew a ‘Beekeeper’, did they? Jerry asked him questions, picked his brain, became more interested and fascinated and started reading everything he could get his hands on about Honey Bees. He turned into the consummate backyard beekeeper. He did all the fun and crazy things backyard beekeepers do and built and experimented with. He wondered if he could get into the Beekeeping world and support a young family. So, with the support of his family he went back to school under the tutelage of Dr. Jim Tew, at Ohio State University. “Top 10 Best thing I ever did,” Jerry said.
Years later he looks back on his opportunities as a Research Technician at the USDA/ARS Baton Rouge Bee Lab, Dadant and Sons Regional Mgr., Dadant And Sons New Product Dev., and AR Mgr., Chief of the Apiary Section for the Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Monsanto Honey Bee Lead, VP. of Vita Bee health North America and now Editor of Bee Culture magazine with awe and amazement.
Add to the above the Classroom Q&A Column of the American Bee Journal for almost 40 years, the ‘Classroom’ Book, Author or Co-Author on 23 research papers and a variety of Honey Bee related articles in a variety of publications. Plus, Past President of Apiary Inspectors of America, Heartland Apiculture Assoc., Colony Collapse Working Group, CAPS Science Advisor, PAm Science Advisor, AHPA Science Advisor and many Professional Presentations internationally and media opportunities. And Now Editor of Bee Culture magazine. It has been a Great Journey.
Just recently, Jerry Hayes was honored by Project Apis m during the ABF Conference for his years of Service to PAm, Science Advisory Committee. See photo. Contact Jerry at Jerry@BeeCulture.com

Emma Wadel
Emma Wadel is a recent graduate of Kent State University with a BFA in Visual Communication and Design and a minor in User Experience Design. All of that is fancy talk for graphic design. She has recently come onboard to help with all elements of design and a bit of customer service. So far, she’s taken over the website and all the content updates and is now the graphic designer behind the magazine. Even though her main job is design, with such a small team she’s doing a little bit of everything. If you have any questions or concerns about either the magazine or the website, she’s the person to contact! Contact Emma at Emma@BeeCulture.com

Jen Manis
Jen Manis comes from a well-rounded background in the retail industry, having served many roles from customer service lead, to visual merchandising, to marketing. She earned her BA in psychology from Kent State University, and an AAS in graphic arts and photography from Stark State College. Her diverse background and interests make her well prepared for her many different roles she plays at Bee Culture Magazine, including customer service and advertising. When she’s not working, you can find her photographing flowers in the garden, reading or spoiling her pet birds. Contact Jen at Jen@BeeCulture.com

Classified Ads
Somewhat new, somewhat a comeback… Classified ads are back! Starting in our April 2022 issue we will have a section of classified ads. To submit a classified ad, use our Google Form: https://forms.gle/tLcVkZMv7HbFvFwa6
Payments must be paid in full before your ad will be included. As a special for April, the price will be $1.00 per word, with a minimum of 10 words.
Questions? Email Jen Manis at Jen@BeeCulture.com

New Ad Sizes
We’re updating our rate card! With various changes to the magazine (removing ourselves from the newsstand, a new layout and design person, a new advertiser, and various other factors) we have chosen to slim down our available ad sizes. If you are already running ads with us, do not worry, your ad can stay the same. Going forward, any new advertisers and changes to ads will need to be in the new sizes. We are always flexible in terms of size and everything but these set standards will just make our jobs a touch easier. These changes will be starting with the April issue.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jen Manis at Jen@BeeCulture.com

New Subscription Offer
As society leans more and more into digital technologies, we’ve decided to offer a new subscription bundle. We are offering a one-year print and digital bundle for $35! (International pricing is $50.) BUT WAIT… Now through the end of March, we’re offering a special offer. You can get this new bundle for $25 (that’s the price of a one-year print subscription)! (International pricing is $45). Just use code PD1B.
This subscription is great for anyone! If you like the print subscription but don’t want to keep loads of magazines around or you ran out of space, now you have access to our past digital editions. We have 150 years of magazines and while none of us have been around for that long, many of us have been around for a good majority of it. Our digital back issues will only go back to 2015, but will only keep growing as time goes on!

New Digital Features
A new feature for the digital edition that came with the February issue of Bee Culture is interaction! Before when you opened the digital edition, you weren’t able to click the links or emails. But now you can! Any link in blue will now work!
Any URL will open in a new tab. Any email will open in your preferred email application.
The ads are interactable as well! If you see a URL or an email, just click! They don’t have the special blue links but they do work the same way!
All contents pages now also have working page numbers! If you are looking for a specific article, now you can just click the page number or title and it will automatically jump to that page! This change is also in the Display Advertisers section. If you’re looking for a specific ad, just go back there and click on the page number or name and it’ll jump straight to it!
This new feature will be in all of the upcoming issues of Bee Culture. It will also be in the new Back Issues section of the website. (See New Website Feature)
If you ever notice any issues with the interactive portions please use this Google Form to let us know: https://forms.gle/33Yhcm5evms1aex49 We always try as hard as we can to make things perfect for all of you but every so often something may be missed or something may not work. We’d love to fix it, we just need to know about it!

New Website Feature
With new faces here at Bee Culture, we also have new talents. Our graphic designer Emma Wadel has some talents within website design. She will be adding 2015-2019 digital back issues onto the website. While our more recent editions can only be viewed by digital subscribers (a great reason to subscribe to the bundle mentioned before), these back issues will be available for anyone. They will have their own place within the website. This section will feature all issues from 2015-three years prior to the current year. So for 2022, it will feature 2015-2019. This way new subscribers can see how long we’ve been doing this and can access old issues that may be referenced by our wonderful writers.
Please be patient with these new pages being uploaded. All of the past editions will be interactive as well; however, it will only be the blue links that work and the page numbers. The ads won’t be interactive in these back issues. All of that requires some manpower behind it since they weren’t previously interactive! We promise they’re coming, it’s just going to take some time. We want to make sure all of the new issues are the best they can be so that is always our first focus here!