Ohio Tornado

Date of tornado was March 14, 2024 about 8:30pm.

The tornado originated at Indian Lake, Ohio in Logan county.

It was identified as an EF3.

A short time later 3 Miles NW of us at Broadway, Ohio, in Union county.

It was identified as an EF2.

We live 7 miles NM of Marysville, Ohio in Union county.

We saw on the news that we were in the path and went to the basement. and could hear obstacles hitting our home.

About a football field from our home there was a shelter house (pavilion) and my 14 Beehives were beside the shelter house.

The shelter house was built in 1971 and it was lifted and moved south and totally twisted and destroyed. It landed on a group of hives that were strapped together.

Rich Herman at 79 years old has been a Beekeeper for over 30 years is active in COBA as a Trustee, Mentor and volunteer.

Information provided by Rich Herman.

Photos from Rich Herman and Mike Jablonski.

If you are interested in reading more, here is a news article: https://thecourier.com/news/510797/storm-destroys-3-homes/