Murder Hornet Nest in Washington State

500 Murder Hornets Found In Nest

WASHINGTON STATE — Scientists from Washington State said there were more than 500 Giant Asian aka Murder Hornets found in a next located back on October 22 in Blaine, Washington.

Murder Hornets are the largest hornets in the world. They can be up to 2″ long with a wingspan up to 3″. These hornets kill bees, most especially honey bees and have the potential to decimate the honey bee population.

They are not known to be aggressive towards humans, pets, or large animals unless you come near their nests.

This nest was the first Murder Hornet nest discovered in the United States. The 14″ by 9″ nest was locate 8 feet up in a tree.

Scientists said there were 6 combs with 776 cells. Each cell has the potential to hold a developing hornet.

Also in the nest:

  • 6 unhatched eggs
  • 190 larvae
  • 108 capped sells with pupae
  • 112 worker hornets
  • 9 drones
  • 76 queens

Image courtesy of the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Scientists said the nest had the potential to produce up to 200 queens, each capable of starting a new nest.

The Washington State Department of Agriculture said they would continue to trap hornets and monitor the area for at least three years to make sure it is hornet-free.