Monthly Honey Price Report

Many have asked, so here’s our answer! We are now posting our monthly Regional Honey Price Report online, free to access for anybody. This way if your magazine is late you can access it on time, or if you’re out and about you can pull it up on your phone! Every month on the first of the month, we will post the same table of information that appears in the magazine. If for some strange reason you don’t subscribe to Bee Culture (which we know is crazy to say, but if you aren’t please subscribe using the “Subscribe” button above) the report consists of 24 different options for honey broken down into seven regions.

To the left, you will see a map of our regions. Within each region, we have many reporters who live in the states send us a report with the prices that they see and/or sell. With all of that information, we then average the total of all responses and that’s where we get our listed prices! If you are interested in contributing please fill out this form: All reporters who are returning forms will receive a free subscription to Bee Culture!

There are two ways to get to the monthly report. Option 1 is under the “Resources” tab. If you hover on that, you will see a tab that says “Monthly Regional Honey Price Report” just click that and you will see a master list of all the months that are available! For our mobile users, click on the three lines at the top and you will see it listed under Resources. Option 2 is under “Latest Issues.” If you click that and then the issue you would like to see, there will be a link to that month’s report. This is best if you know the specific month. Or to make it really simple, click here to go to the master page:

Please note that we are actively still adding the reports from the past. The plan is to go back to 2015, but it’s a long process so bear with us. Don’t worry though, we made sure to add all of what we have of 2022 thus far to make sure you can see the most current information. And make sure to check back on July 1 for the July report!

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