LeBron James’s Honey

Want Honey From LeBron James’s Backyard? Flamingo Estate Has It

Rebecca Suhrawardi


Actor Julianne Moore along with other notables such as LeBron James and Ai Wei Wei hosted Flamingo …


Richard Christiansen once referred to his Los Angeles home, Flamingo Estate, as a “hedonistic, creative, very sensual sanctuary.” The magical 7.5 acre estate nestled atop an idyllic LA hilltop–named after the pink color awash over the Spanish revival’s exteriors–is now ground zero for his label of socially and environmentally responsible produce, home, and body products bearing the same name.

This holiday season, Flamingo Estate’s gift offerings are a flex of the house’s celebrity power–Oprah and Martha Stewart are fans–and the star-studded holiday collaborations include a gingerbread house by Chrissy Teigen and a clothing collaboration with Oscar the Grouch promoting earth-friendly practices. Although the most one-of-a kind and limited edition gift collaboration of the lot is the Private Estate Honey.

Julianne Moore, Ai Wei Wei, Savannah and LeBron James, Tiffany Haddish and Will Ferrell hosted Flamingo Estate’s bees at their homes to create honeys born of the gardens of their famed collaborators.

From Laurel Canyon to Montauk to Portugal, Flamingo Estates bees were dispatched to collect the local nectar to create honey flavors as unique as the places from which they come. Honey is an incredibly individualized product and like wine, elements such soil and botanicals foraged by the bees influence the end product. Everything from flavor to color vary between based on their provenances and the idea behind the Private Estate honey is to give a one-of-a-kind taste which can only come from these private properties.

The honey comes in very limited quantities and production is based solely on what the bees are able to produce naturally. Jars are currently available on the Flamingo Estates website with available quantities able to be shipped in time for Christmas. Each jar is $250 with 100% of the proceeds of the sales of the Private Estate Honey going to the charity of the each participant’s choice.

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