Honey Hits Walmart Shelves


Central Texas business Sweet Bee Gardens’ honey hits Walmart shelves

By: Adam Schindler

Once a year, Walmart hosts an open call event for local small businesses and entrepreneurs to have a chance at getting their American-made products into Walmart stores.

“Products that are made, assembled, or grown in the United States,” said Walmart Spokesperson Casey Staheli. “[Will be placed] in front of Walmart and Sam’s Club Merchants, on to our shelves and in front of customers.”

It is the kind of opportunity that the ladies over at Sweet Bee Gardens, located in Nolanville, didn’t want to pass up.

So, they got prepared to present their honey to the big wigs – and it paid off.

“Honestly they were so impressed with our pitch that the buyers basically gave us the go-ahead as we spoke, that we were going to be able to work together,” said Meredith Viguers, co-owner of Sweet Bee Gardens.

After being prepared to wait days for an answer, the on-the-spot offer was a reaction that they were definitely not expecting.

“It was like walking on a cloud all day,” said Desiree Kennon, co-owner of Sweet Bee Gardens. “We just had smiles all day because we were told that nobody gets picked on the same day, but we were.”

Sweet Bee Gardens makes and sells unfiltered and unaltered honey which is unique, but it’s not the only thing that makes the local business special.

“Our company is the only certified women-owned business in the honey industry in the state of Texas. So, a lot of our uniqueness is in the two of us,” said Viguers.

Being a one-of-a-kind business owner greatly added to the appeal Sweet Bee Gardens brought to the table, making Walmart even happier to work with them.

“Congratulations, we’re really glad that you put in your application,” said Staheli. “You came forward and presented a great product and we wish you the best of luck in our stores.”

Sweet Bee Gardens honey making it to the shelves at Walmart is proof that a little hard work and determination can bring a vision to life.

Central Texas business Sweet Bee Gardens’ honey hits Walmart shelves (kxxv.com)