Hive Treatments made Easy!

July 2020

Hive treatments made easy

Honey Bee Health Coalition releases short guide to help beekeepers in U.S. & Canada control bee pests & diseases

There is a lot of misguided information out there on treating hive pests and disease. Using unregistered treatments — or registered treatments not in accordance with their label instructions — is not only illegal, it could also hurt your bees. Plus, it could mean hive pests and diseases become resistant to the tools beekeepers rely on.

That’s why the Honey Bee Health Coalition has released two one-page guides, one for the U.S. and one for Canada, that list all the legal, registered products that effectively control the most common hive pests and disease. These include American and European foulbrood, nosema, small hive beetles, tracheal mites, varroa mites, and wax moths.

Take a look and share with your beekeeping clubs, friends, and networks!

The Honey Bee Health Coalition was formed in 2014 and uses the power of multi-stakeholder collaboration to work toward healthy populations of honey bees and other native and managed pollinators in and around agricultural land.

The Coalition is facilitated by the Keystone Policy Center, a nationally recognized nonprofit. Founded in 1975, Keystone maintains an unwavering commitment to independence by not advocating for any single position but rather by helping all participants work together to address shared goals and reach mutually agreeable solutions.

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