Donate To Sentinel Hive Project!

University of Maryland kicks off Sentinel Hive project! Donate TODAY!

Sentinel Hives monitor honey bee health in real-time using hive scales, monthly disease assessments, and pollen traps to determine available plant forage. The scale data is automatically transmitted to the Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) database and the patterns of nectar flow mapped. Our UMD diagnostic team turns around the varroa mite and disease analysis quickly, so that beekeepers can take action. The goal of the Sentinel Hives is that they become early warning systems. We can then alert beekeepers of potential problems due to increases in disease or lack of nutritional resources. The campaign page includes a video that explains our project in greater detail:

We have launched our Sentinel Hive program, but we need your help in spreading the word. The vanEngelsdorp bee research lab was selected by the U of Maryland’s crowdfunding program LAUNCH. Our goal is to raise $10,000 by Oct. 22 to fund a pilot program of 10 Sentinel Hives with pollen and disease monitoring. Money raised above our goal will fund extra Sentinel Hives.

Any $2,000 donation receives a talk by Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp to your group. He will travel out-of-state, so long as his travel expenses are covered. Or if your club would like to be included in the Sentinel Hive program, a $2,000 donation will fund a dual hive system and two years of monitoring.

Bee Culture Magazine and The Medina County Beekeepers are kicking in $2,000.00. Now’s your chance to get involved. Check out the web page and make a donation today.