CATCH THE BUZZ – Vance Crowe Podcast with Jerry Hayes

The Vance Crowe Podcast is a series of conversations with some of the most fascinating people that you might never realize could teach you so much. Vance utilizes his life experience working around the world to engage with people from all walks of life. From a homeless man to British royalty, world class athlete Jackie Joyner Kersee to a Canadian farmer/comedian, Vance helps guests explain how they see the world so that listeners can understand completely different perspectives.

This week Vance interviewed Jerry Hayes the newly minted editor of Bee Culture magazine, one of the largest beekeeping periodicals in the world. Jerry and Vance discussed their unique experience representing a maligned company (Monsanto), the innate drives of humans, and why Jerry has dug up his 2 acre yard and planted fields of clover. It is a fun and unexpected conversation between two friends that are from different generations and have strikingly different personalities.

The interview can be seen on The Vance Crowe Podcast YouTube channel or by searching for “The Vance Crowe Podcast” wherever you download podcasts from.

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