CATCH THE BUZZ – Nigeria, and All of Africa Gearing Up to Produce a Lot More Honey

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, has described the bee keeping business as Nigeria’s untapped goldmine.

Its Director and Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO), Dr Dooshima Kwange, made this known when she visited the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

Kwange said leveraging on the bee industry would help earn Nigeria greater assets than crude oil.

According to her, it is for this reason that the ministry is open to collaboration with foreign partners.

She said: “The market worldwide is huge almost 2 billion dollars annually and we are really not tapping into it because we have not paid attention to this industry.

“So when they came, we agreed to tap into it because most of our people are crop farmers so it will benefit them. In some other climes, people pay the beekeepers to take them to their farms to pollinate their crops. So if you don’t farm yourself and you have a relative that farms and you keep bees there, the person benefits and you will also benefit.

“A barrel of honey is about  2000 dollars,so the APS  the benefits as we see them are  to get our people to embrace it ,it will improve our lively.”

Kwange added that the  ApiExpo Africa 2018 would hold from 25th to 29th of September at the International Conference Centre, Abuja  under the theme, “Beekeeping Industry for Sustainable Development, Wealth Creation and Economic Diversification”.

According to her, the Expo  is an intercultural and intercontinental honey  show run by an NGO based in Kampala  Ugnada.

She said that the event was usually held in collaboration with countries to promote  the bee keeping industry by supporting  the ministry of agriculture  and other stakeholders.

Kwange said that the bee keeping industry in Nigeria was young, even though the business had been ongoing over the  years on the local scene.

She said that the government was working on modernising the business.

The director added that  the government was also trying to diversify into other sectors of the economy, especially in agriculture, and move away from oil.

According to her, the beauty about the industry is that it is not as expensive as other ventures.

She added that for that and other factors, it would be easy to go into the business.