CATCH THE BUZZ – “It’s the Final Countdown!”

FREE….. Because of the significant change in our lives as a result of COVID-19, many of us are working from home as we ‘social distance’ and quarantine ourselves. The USPS is doing the Best that they can, but mail is being delayed because of this disruption they are experiencing as well. This means, as we have heard from many of you, that your hard copy of Bee Culture is not showing up as in the past. We have a Digital version of Bee Culture. We are making this available to you at NO COST until this situation is over. This is how you can access it and read it for FREE online. Go to and click on the “Latest Issues” tap at the top of the page.

We thank each of you as we all go through this together. Hang in there.

The Bee Culture Team


This just never gets old:


The Annual Colony Loss and Management Survey is closing on April 30th!

Please take advantage of the last couple of days to complete the online survey and tell your beekeeping friends to do the same. Every answer counts.

This is especially true because participation rate is so far lower compared to previous years.

To be fair, this year is different in so many ways, but we are in this together.

Therefore, we encourage you to Take the Survey Today and support BIP’s long term colony loss monitoring efforts.
In case the login presents an obstacle, feel free to use an alias (and get creative if you’d like. What about “queenbee44”?). To reiterate, the login gives you – the participant – the option to complete the survey in multiple sittings and edit answers at a later time. The information you provide in this survey is extremely important to our understanding of honey bee health in the U.S. and allows us discover relationships between colony management and losses.

To see how the information you provide matters, check out two recent blogs written by Tech Transfer Team Specialist Dan Aurell and IT guru Michaela Wilson on the website.

We appreciate your time and effort, whether you are a BIP survey “oldie” or a “newbee”.

Thank you so much!

Your Friends at Bee Informed Partnership