CATCH THE BUZZ – EAS Calls for Award Nominations and Research Proposals

From – Erin MacGregor Forbes, Chairman


TO: Entomology Departments, Apiculturists, and Apicultural Laboratories

DATE: November 24, 2018

RE: Call for Nominations for the EAS James I. Hambleton Memorial Award; Roger A. Morse Outstanding Teaching/Extension Service/Regulatory Award; and Student Apiculture Award.

The James I. Hambleton Memorial Award was established by the Eastern Apicultural Society of North America to recognize research excellence in apiculture.

The EAS Student Apiculture Award was established to recognize students studying apiculture at the undergraduate or graduate level in a recognized college or university in the United States or Canada.

Each award nomination must include a biographical sketch of the nominee, a list of his/her publications, specific identification of the research work on which the nomination is based, and an evaluation and appraisal of the accomplishment of the nominee, especially of work in the last five-year period for Hambleton Award nominees (or a shorter period for Student nominees). A minimum of one letter of recommendation, in addition to the nomination letter, in support of the nomination are also required; additional support letters are welcome.

The Roger A. Morse Outstanding Teaching/Extension Service/Regulatory Award Supported by Anita Weiss Foundation is given annually to recognize an individual in teaching/extension and/or regulatory activity in the field of apiculture. Nominations for this award are welcome from any person in the field of apiculture. Self-nominations are acceptable. Nominations shall consist of a letter documenting the achievement of excellence in any or all the areas of teaching/extension and/or regulatory activities in apiculture. Some indication of the appointment responsibilities should be included. In addition, a suitable CV or resume documenting the activities of the nominee must be submitted.

Nominations are now being accepted for all three awards. The awards for 2019 will be presented at the annual conference of the Society at Greenville South Carolina, July 15-19th 2019.

Nominations and letters of recommendation should be emailed to: and received no later than February 1, 2019.

Resubmissions from a previous year should be updated if necessary, and a new cover letter should be attached which should indicate that this is a resubmission and relevant data is already in EAS

EAS Foundation for Honey Bee Research

Call for Proposals, 2019

The EAS Foundation for Honey Bee Research is a competitive grant program developed from donations received from beekeepers and others interested in funding research on topical problems in honey bees.

Proposals are solicited annually with award amounts to be determined the spring before the EAS annual meeting. Requests for “seed money” to provide investigators the opportunity to collect preliminary data or as “add on” funds to combine with other funding sources to continue present research will also be considered. Requests for support for student projects (undergraduate summer employees/ graduate student) or for equipment/ supplies for distinct research projects are given highest priority. We welcome separate discrete project proposals and requests that identify pieces of ongoing research programs where additional funds can accomplish an objective of a larger program. Grant funds may be used for supplies, equipment, salaries, travel, or other appropriate uses by the recipient. As a nonprofit organization, the EAS Foundation does not pay overhead on funded research grants.

The total award for 2019 will be $10,000. The awards will be announced at the EAS 2019 Conference but available by April 1, 2019. The principle investigator must present their findings at the 2020 EAS Annual Conference, and we will publicize the award to aid in solicitation of additional funds for subsequent years.

Deadline for application is February 1, 2019. Additional submission details can be found at, and further inquiries can be directed to

Proposal Submission Criteria

  1. Proposals are welcome from any individuals conducting research on honey bees. The role the investigator will perform if awarded the funds should be clearly stated.
  2. Proposal should briefly outline the objective and a plan of work, to be completed within one year of funding, and a justification for the proposed work. If intended as “seed money,” the proposal should clearly state how the funds will enable the investigator to secure additional funding for project continuation. Proposals should not exceed five written pages in total length (double-spaced) excluding title page, budget, and résumé. Only electronic submissions will be accepted.
  3. Proposal must indicate how results will be disseminated if grant is funded. Investigators must present their work through the EAS journal (in summary form) and to a future EAS annual meeting, if possible, but other funds should be used for this. An acknowledgment of EAS support should be included in any presentations or publications resulting from the research.
    1. The proposal should be arranged in the following format: a. cover page to include title, name, address, e-mail, and telephone of investigators(s) and title/affiliation of investigator
    2. justification
    3. objective(s)