CATCH THE BUZZ – Be A Dandelion Detective

Become a Dandelion Detective!

Dandelion Detectives is a STEM activity targeting 3-7 graders where participants work together to measure the value of weeds for insects. Dandelion Detectives will take place over the summer of 2020 and participants can be located in Ohio or surrounding midwestern states.

Dr. Mary Gardiner, OSU Department of Entomology will be conducting a webinar on June 24th at 1PM.

Mary will discuss the value of turf habitats for biodiversity and introduce Dandelion Detectives, a new youth-focused community science program!

Sign up to attend the free webinar here.

The Dandelion Detectives project can be completed in one day of your choice (June-August) and involves: taking a pre and post questionnaire about insects; observing insects at an “Observation Dandelion” created using simple provided materials and sugar water mixture; and conducting a lawn weed survey. Participating Dandelion Detectives will be able to upload their findings to a project website. At the end of the project, students will receive a “Student Scientist” certificate and will have access to all of the data collected by the project team!

Toolkits containing all materials to participate in Dandelion Detectives can be ordered for $10 (to cover shipping fees) before or after the webinar at this link.

We also offer a do-it-yourself option here.

Dr. Gardiner is a Professor of Entomology at the Ohio State University and an Extension State Specialist.

I hope to see you on the webinar on June 24th at 1PM!

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for caring about our pollinators!


Denise Ellsworth
OSU Extension, Department of Entomology