CATCH THE BUZZ – The Value Of Maple And Honey Production Grew In 2017, Says Statistics Canada.

Ross Marowits – The Canadian Press 

Statistics Canada says maple syrup production increased three per cent this year to a record 12.5 million gallons as taps were added in most maple-producing provinces.

Quebec produced 92 per cent of Canada’s maple syrup output, rising 2.8 per cent in the year.

The total output follows a bumper crop in 2016, which saw production increase 36.5 per cent nationally. That was on a 38.3 per cent growth in Quebec due to favourable weather conditions that resulted in higher yields.

Canadian maple production has increased from a low of 5.12 million gallons in 2008.

New Brunswick production rose 4.4 per cent to 551,000 gallons, Ontario was up 6.8 per cent to 425,000 gallons and Nova Scotia rose 18.7 per cent to 57,000 gallons.

The total value of maple products increased two per cent to $493.7 million due to increased production. However, the price of syrup decreased on the year as more syrup in New Brunswick and Ontario went to the lower-priced processing market.

Meanwhile, the value of honey produced in Canada increased 11.1 per cent to $169.3 million on higher prices even though production was down 2.6 per cent due to poor weather conditions in Eastern Canada.

Production on the Prairies increased 1.1 per cent to 79.1 million pounds. However, production was down almost 50 per cent in Ontario and 5.1 per cent in the Maritimes.

More than 10,000 beekeepers oversaw nearly 790,000 colonies this year.