CATCH THE BUZZ – Northern Michigan Stands to Gain Hundreds of Jobs in beekeeping. Here’s How.

The business of beekeeping may bring hundreds of jobs to Northern Michigan.

A new apiary in Otsego County is using state-of-the-art technology and an open door approach to bring opportunities to the area.

Miles Apiaries Incorporated will open its doors in Waters next month.

Wednesday, the company held an open house.

Staff can monitor the insides of hives using apps and smart technology.

It can show them possible threats to bees.

The company also uses drones to help keep human workers from disturbing them.

In 3 to 5 years, the apiary hopes to employ 500 workers, including veterans and people without high school diplomas.

“We want to give somebody a second chance. We are a family, and in all of our families there is at least 7 of us that need a second chance, and so that’s what we are about,” says Georgia Larson of Miles Apiaries Inc.

Miles Apiaries Inc. plans on using all recycled wood for their hives.

Farmers will also be able to buy pollination services.

The apiary is scheduled to open on the 1st of September.