CATCH THE BUZZ – National Honey Board CEO to Speak at California Honey Festival May 6th, 2017

Woodland, CALIF.- Beekeepers and packers across the country have long relied on the National Honey Board (NHB) to promote honey and communicate the latest industry developments.  NHB CEO Margaret Lombard is especially focused on increasing successful honey marketing.

With the inaugural California Honey Festival on May 6th in Woodland, CA, the National Honey Board and Director Lombard will have another platform to promote honey and teach the public about this extraordinary product.

The California Honey Festival is a day-long celebration of the honey and pollination industry and is delighted to announce that Director Lombard will be speaking on the dedicated Beekeeper stage.

“I’m really looking forward to being at the California Honey Festival this year” says Lombard. “It’s a tremendous opportunity to celebrate our industry and communicate how important honey and honey bees are to our food system.”

The ‘Beekeeper Stage’ where Lombard will be speaking is one of 5 stages at the festival offering a range of music, culinary learning, kids entertainment, gardening ideas and more. Besides the stage entertainment, the festival has several hands-on activities embedded throughout the festival. 

One such sweet element is ‘The Honey Lab’; a dedicated zone offering guests an immersive sensory experience to learn about the nuances of honey flavor, the history of honey, the biology of bees, and more. The California Honey Festival is co-sponsored by the Honey & Pollination Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute, UC Davis and will use their infamous ‘Honey Wheel’ to help teach guests about honey flavor.

Other festival features include live music, carnival rides, delicious honey inspired food, arts & crafts vendors and much more. Travel and accommodations to the festival can be found at the website:

The May 6th event will also announce the winner of the California Wildflower Honey Contest. Submissions now being accepted for the California Wildflower Honey Contest- applications can be downloaded online at: