CATCH THE BUZZ – Famous Sidr Honey Featured At The Muscat Festival In Yemen.

Muscat: The much-awaited annual Muscat Festival, which offers people unique attractions, including exhilarating rides and authentic food, has entered its third week now. As always, the extravaganza has a sweet gift to offer its visitors – the Yemeni honey.

Yemeni honey is world-renowned for its health benefits. For centuries, it has been used not just as a sweetener, but also as a medicine. A group of stalls are displaying and selling this fresh “elixir of life” at Naseem Gardens.

The variety of honey on display has been painstakingly collected from different trees with varying properties. Sidr honey, the most common form of Yemeni honey, is raw, organic and pure, harvested from bees that feed solely on nectar from Sidr flowers.

This honey is known to protect the liver and kidney, help heal wounds and bruises, and cure stomach ulcers, respiratory disorders, and all types of inflammations.

Another popular mix available is the Black Seed honey. Darker and grainier, this miracle honey is known for curing asthma, improving immunity, and as a source of healthy nutrition. The Yemeni Sumar honey, which resembles caramel, cures coughs, colds and throat problems.

Also on display is the Yemeni Sidr Wasabi, green in colour, because of the area and soil it comes from, with great health benefits.

These delicious and surprisingly distinct varieties of honey, an important part of Yemeni culture and religion as mentioned in the Holy Quran, can be found, tasted, and bought at the Yemeni honey stalls at the Muscat Festival.