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A Call For Help From The Hive Tracks Community!

We are pleased to announce that Hive Tracks has been awarded the Healthy Hives 2020 grant through Project Apis m.

The goal of this funding is to create a standardized data platform that allows for consistent and reliable data collection techniques among commercial and backyard beekeepers. The expected outcome is to improve best management practices for modern beekeepers leading to improved yield, performance and bee health.

How can you help?

Become a citizen scientist!  As a citizen scientist, you will be influential in determining the most critical data to impact the health of honey bees!

Let’s begin!

Step 1 – Complete our short “Citizen Scientist Survey” by clicking here:

Step 2 – Once you sign up by completing our survey, we will send you an invitation to join a special “Citizen Science Group” on Hive Tracks. Here you can get connected with other beekeepers who are participating as citizen scientists.

Step 3 – We will keep you routinely updated via email and share the results that you help create.

Thank you for your help with this effort to use data science to improve global bee health and productivity!

Happy beekeeping, Hive Tracks Research Team