Adding Keystone Species

Researchers develop strategy for adding keystone species to collapsing ecosystems

Without honey bees the world changes. And, you and I will struggle with food availability and security. Without managed Honey Bees taking and delivering Pollen (male element) from one Flower part to another (female egg embryo) for ’fertilization’ we loose fruits, nuts veg and environmental stability. Climate change is stressing agricultural food production, and it is not going to resolve soon.

“There are very few animals as important to our world as honeybees. There is, of course, the delicious honey they produce, but they are also essential in maintaining food security and the biodiversity that is threatened by climate change and becoming our strongest natural defense against it.”

“But with the planet facing a climate change-induced loss of biodiversity, what happens when honeybees die?” (

Researchers are now working together to identify an impending biodiversity crisis and “….keystone species” that hold an ecosystem together”

We as beekeepers are part of not only maintaining honey bee health but helping honey bee flourish because without them we don’t.

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More information: Udit Bhatia et al, Network-based restoration strategies maximize ecosystem recovery, Communications Biology (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s42003-023-05622-3

Journal information: Communications Biology