Pollen ID Lab Reopened

Dr. Heather Thakar has re-opened Texas A&M’s Palynology Laboratory! It took some time to regroup after Dr. Vaughn Bryant’s death. However, they are again up and running. The lab and equipment have been updated and we still enjoy the benefit of Dr. Bryant’s unparalleled comparative pollen collection and library resources.

They are accepting honey samples for pollen type confirmation, identification, and concentration values. All inquiries may be directed to Dr. Heather Thakar (thakar@tamu.edu).

Updated Information:

SAMPLE requirements: 30-50 grams of fresh honey that comes directly from the hive and have not been strained or filtered.  Include important information about the origin of the honey sample (location of origin, local vegetation, expected or unexpected plant types). Knowing the origin will speed our analysis.

SAMPLE processing time: Allow 1 month for standard sample processing, analysis, and report. Samples submitted close to holidays and University closures may take up to 2 months for completion. Expedited services are available for an additional fee.

SAMPLE shipping: Send honey in well-sealed plastic or glass containers. Seal each container in its own individual plastic Ziploc back to prevent loss or contamination.

Palynology Laboratory, Anthropology Department

Texas A&M University (TAMU-4352)

College Station, TX, 77843-4352.

Per SAMPLE cost: $200 – $350 per sample, depending on specific analyses (pollen type confirmation or full pollen concentration values), sample origin, and whether expedited services are requested.

Local (Texas) Sample                 $200

Domestic (USA) Sample               $250

Hawaii and Foreign Samples           $300

Expedited Services                   $50 per sample