International Forum on Sustainable Beekeeping

International forum for action on sustainable beekeeping and pollination

Bees for people, planet and peace

Ljubljana (Slovenia), 22/05/2024 – 23/05/2024

For thousands of years people have kept and used bees to harvest honey. However, beekeeping goes far beyond the production of honey. Bees and other pollinators play a vital role in increasing agricultural yields, contributing to biodiversity and other ecosystem services. They also provide a tangible support to the livelihoods of rural communities and indigenous peoples, which leads to a steadier food security framework. Since beekeeping can be done with locally available material and limited resources, it also offers decent working opportunities and income generation to people in extreme poverty, including women, young people, and even disabled citizens.

In recognition of this, the Government of Slovenia and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) organize an International forum for action on sustainable beekeeping and pollination. This biennial event brings together governments, experts, business and civil society to give a regular fresh impetus to the international cooperation on beekeeping and pollination and to align it with the quickly changing needs. It also provides a platform to share experience from beekeeping and pollination development projects and initiatives around the globe – to learn and get inspired by them. The forum will provide an opportunity for in-depth dialogue and reflection. While global in its scope and outreach, each edition has a geographical focus (Africa in 2024).