Goodbye Kathy Part 3 – From the Editor

For December 2021, we are featuring three separate goodbye’s for our wonderful layout and design person, Kathy Summers as well as, one goodbye from Kathy herself. Kathy has been with us a long time and is retiring at the end of 2021. She will be missed by many as evidenced in this four part series of goodbye.
Part 3 is from Jerry Hayes the Editor at 
Bee Culture. He has been here for two years but has known Kathy for many more than that.

From the Editor –

My life with Honey Bees, Beekeeping and with Beekeepers has been incredible. As I look back and reminisce about all the beekeepers, researchers, inspectors, government, media, NGO’s, Big Ag. leaders and regular people, I have met as I have traveled the world because of honey bees it is incredible! But I already said that – and it is absolutely true. Who gets to do these things because of an amazing insect? Not too many.

In this remarkable journey I have had the once in a lifetime opportunity to be able these last two years to be Editor of Bee Culture magazine. I have written papers, and articles and wrote the Classroom column for decades, and a book but I had never been an editor of anything except my own writing.

I have known Kim Flottum for years and Kathy Summers for years. With Kim, two years ago, in his last days before retirement they wanted to find someone who had years of the smiles and laughs and bumps and bruises one gets after 40 years in the industry. Apparently, that was me. And I said yes because Kim and Kathy had already come up with an excellent plan for Bee Culture to maintain it as “The Magazine of American Beekeeping” for all beekeepers. Kim would stay on and train me for a short period of time then retire, and Kathy would stay on for two more years to add to her 30+ years to do the real training then retire.

Bee Culture had at that time two years ago Kathy, Jean Newcombe and Amanda DeSimone. Kathy did design and layout for Bee Culture’s 100 pages every month. Jean was the advertising expert and Amanda, the daily Catch the Buzz, social media, customer service etc. But this strong, knowledgeable group were a family and shared needs and responsibilities back and forth. Everybody was there to help make Bee Culture the best and help each other make this happen.

This is what I was invited into two years ago. What wonderful people to take on a rookie (an old rookie at that) and with tremendous patience lead and guide me as the new Editor of Bee Culture. And really nobody is the “Editor” at the end of the day because we all talk, share and decide what Bee Culture readers will get the most value from. And this is happening more now as Kathy retires at the end of December. Emma Wadel, has been here for a few weeks and is learning and fine tuning her existing abilities in design and layout but learning the nuances of Bee Culture, the yearly calendar, customer service, Catch the Buzz, social media and much more. Kathy has taken her under her wing and Emma will be great.

For me Kathy’s patience, knowledge, skills, abilities, and genuine friendliness are exhibited in each issue of Bee Culture for the last 30+ years. I have learned so much from her. We will all miss her, but I can truthfully say without even asking her that if we have a question or need more direction she will always be there with a smile for us and you.

Jerry Hayes