CATCH THE BUZZ – New Zealand Beekeepers Finally Get it Together. Maybe a Lesson Here?

Alan Harman

New Zealand’s beekeepers take a major step towards unifying their industry.

The National Beekeepers Association (NBA) will become Apiculture New Zealand as of April 1 after members voted to adopt a new constitution and rules.

The formation of Apiculture NZ is a major step forward in unifying the beekeeping industry and embracing the many stakeholders in the wider apiculture industry who didn’t see a place for themselves in the NBA.

These beekeepers formed a group with the New Zealand Federated Farmers organization.

Members of Federated Farmers Bees will become foundation members of Apiculture NZ, as will existing NBA members.

“Apiculture NZ will support and help facilitate the growth of beekeeping in New Zealand,” says NBA president Ricki Leahy.

“Beekeeping in New Zealand has the potential to become a billion dollar a year-plus industry, but we need good systems and structures in place to achieve this growth,” he says. “The formation of Apiculture NZ is the first step in that process.”

The move will give the apiculture industry a stronger voice with government, and will support enhanced industry research. Apiculture NZ will also lead the industry’s negotiations with government on the Government-Industry biosecurity agreements.

The unification comes after many years of sometimes heated debate within the industry about its own future.