CATCH THE BUZZ – Lamps In The Shape Of Pollen Grains Are Beautiful. But Expensive!

An art team from the Zurich University of Arts turned six different pollen structures into 3D lamps with a color-changing light inside

Zack Palm

Pollen particles were a unique inspiration for Swiss art director Regine Cavicchilo and two of her students from the Zurich University of Arts, Roman Jurt and Michael Kennedy. The trio took the structures of six different species of pollen and turned them into 3D-printed lamp designs.

The team grabbed 2D images of pollen under a microscope and used computer imaging to turn them into 3D models. The 3D-printed lamps resemble the different types of pollen, including smaller details only visible by microscope. A color-changing light bulb is fitted inside the hollow shells.

The lamps are available to order at prices ranging from $437 to $1,366.