CATCH THE BUZZ – Grupo Bimbo Names Honey Holding “Supplier of the Year” for the United States.

Honey Holding, dba Honey Solutions, a leading processor of industrial honey, announced recently that the company has been named “Supplier of the Year” for the United States by Grupo Bimbo for its role in generating cost savings for the world’s largest bakery company and for its comprehensive corporate sustainability program. 

The 2017 Grupo Bimbo USA Supplier of the Year Award was presented to Honey Holding at its Global Suppliers’ Meeting November 14, 2017 in Mexico City. Douglas Murphy, Managing Director and CEO of Honey Holding, received the Award on behalf of Honey Holding. Mr. Murphy addressing the audience of nearly 400 attendees acknowledged the collaborative strategic partnership between Grupo Bimbo and Honey Holding as an underlying basis for the cost savings generated in 2017. At this event, Daniel Servitje, President and CEO of Grupo Bimbo shared the company’s recent acquisitions, challenges and global strategy for as well as participated in the award presentation to Honey Holding.    

Mr. Murphy on behalf of Honey Holding presented its extensive corporate sustainability programs to the audience. The presentation promoted discussion and reaffirmation by the participants to facilitate an ongoing path of corporate sustainability for the benefit of current and future society.

About Grupo Bimbo
Grupo Bimbo, selling under such recognized brands as Sara Lee, Thomas’, Mrs. Bairds, Entenmann’s and Orowheat, is the world’s largest baking company based on brand positioning, production volume, and sales with more than 13,000 products in 195 plants across 32 countries with employment totaling 137,000. 

About Honey Holding I, Ltd (dba Honey Solutions)
Honey Solutions is a vertically integrated processor and marketer of 100% pure honey to the industrial market in the United States. From its facility in Baytown, Texas, Honey Solutions supplies most of America’s premier bakers and food processors like Grupo Bimbo USA.