Apimondia 2023

Apimondia 2023

4 – 8 September 2023 | Santiago, Chile

Apimondia is the International Organization of Beekeeping Associations that brings together scientists, specialists and beekeepers from around the world and in 2023 Chile will host this international event.

The setting for this congress is Santiago, the capital of Chile, with the snow-capped Andes mountains as a backdrop. Technical tours will take you to nearby beekeeping operations and the chance to visit world class bodegas to taste Chilean wines. During the Apimondia Congress you can meet old friends and make new ones as you tour the ApiEXPO and take in the latest science and beekeeping ideas.

The 48th Apimondia Congress will have three days focused on:

Sustainable beekeeping in a changing world
Focus on sustainable beekeeping and include the act of bee farming using principles of ecology, where the use of bees respects the rules of their environment. Beekeeping that respects the environment can be sustainable and profitable, even as climate change is making beekeeping more challenging.

Value added products from the hive
Honey and beeswax are the primary products that beekeepers rely upon. However, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, body products, bee venom and more are valuable products from the hive that beekeepers large and small can use to increase profits from beekeeping. Additionally, these products are valuable food and therapeutic resources that contribute to both food and pharmaceutical industries ensuring better human health. This day will focus on these “value added products” and how to integrate them into your beekeeping.

Land use, biodiversity and beekeeping
The roles that land use change and biodiversity play in the health and productivity of managed and wild bees will be discussed. Beekeeping relies on having good forage and this is in tern impacted by changing land use patterns. In particular, intensive farming, urbanization and climate change are making it difficult to find good locations for managed bees and impacting wild pollination.

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