UF Beekeeping Academy Videos

The videos below are new since our last post! Each video is listed below with their short descriptions. Want to just go to the playlist? Here’s the link: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAQHmJyzKkpCu_Pd92GBY2J7TCVtPsPad&si=2Bk-9aBNqMCzIxgC

Episode 12: Beekeeping Rules and Regulations

Starting out your beekeeping journey? Don’t overlook any rules and regulations that may be required! In the 12th episode of the UF/IFAS Beekeeping Academy series, Dr. Jamie Ellis explains the types of rules and regulations often associated with beekeeping.

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Episode 13: Educational Resources for Beekeepers

There is a wealth of information related to honey bees and beekeeping available today. In this episode, Dr. Ellis reviews the educational resources beekeepers can use and trust to learn more about their craft.

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Episode 14: Beekeeping PPE Overview

Protecting yourself against stings is essential to beekeeping. In this episode, Dr. Ellis discusses an overview of beekeeping personal protective equipment (PPE).

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Episode 15: Bee Suits & Jackets

Wearing a bee suit or jacket can be daunting for an inexperienced beekeeper. Luckily, it’s easy! In this video of the UF/IFAS Beekeeping Academy, Dr. Ellis shows viewers how to wear a bee suit or jacket properly.

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Episode 16: Veils

There are all kinds of veils to discover when you begin beekeeping. In this episode of the UF/IFAS Beekeeping Academy series, Dr. Ellis presents some of the common veil styles beekeepers use, and shows how to wear them.

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