The Asia Pacific Conference on Beekeeping


Driving apiculture for sustainability in the Asia Pacific

The Asia-Pacific Conference on Beekeeping for Sustainable Agriculture, Ecosystem Services and Rural Livelihoods (BEE 2022) will take place from 9-10 March 2022 in Bengaluru, India

The event aims to shed light on bee-keeping for rural development and sustainability factors surrounding apiculture. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The event is being organized by V Sivaram Research Foundation, in collaboration with the Asian Apiculture Association (AAA) and the International Commission for Plant Pollinator Relationships, Canada (ICPPR), with an aim to boost beekeeping business in the APAC region and spread awareness about the importance of bees in the ecosystem mix.

The event will feature numerous technical sessions focusing on bee biology, genetics, breeding, plant-pollinator relationships and beekeeping technologies. The event will also shed light on bee-keeping for rural development along with ecosystem services and sustainability factors surrounding apiculture.

Sessions on bee pest, disease prevention are also said to follow discussions on bee products, apitherapy, quality control and challenges in trade along with management of non-apis species pesticides and honeybees.

The event aims to bring together leading entomologists, scientists, research scholars, beekeepers, policymakers, agriculturists and ecologists to exchange and share their experiences and research findings on all aspects of beekeeping, crop pollination and other ecosystem services. AAA said that the scheduled conference provides an interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present discuss and exchange recent research and innovations in beekeeping practice and real practical challenges in the beekeeping industry.

Abstract presentation opportunities

The conference also invites basic and applied research papers on honeybee and related hymenopteran insects, bee diseases, honey and bee-products, honey trade, beekeeping equipment technology, apitherapy, honey plants and crop pollination. The scope of the conference encompasses from apiculture to agriculture, forestry, food science and entail medical and veterinary importance.


Driving apiculture for sustainability in the Asia Pacific (