Slovenia Saves the Carniolans

Slovenian Government Adopts Resolution on Carniolan Bee

The Slovenian government has adopted a special resolution on the Carniolan honey bee to protect this native bee from foreign species and preserve the purity of the breed. The resolution, which still needs to be endorsed by parliament, will supplement measures already in place with a view to preserving the Carniolan bee in Slovenia for future generations of beekeepers. The resolution is aimed at preserving breed purity and maintaining the evenly spread and sufficient population of bee families (colonies) across the country.

The goal is to have at least 150,000 bee families (colonies) in Slovenia. The goal would be pursued through good exploitation of bee pasture, measures to reduce the loss of colonies to disease, sustainable health care and monitoring of the state of colonies and by encouraging people to keep bees.

Minister of Agriculture and Environment Dejan Židan has underscored the importance of the Carniolan bee for Slovenia, noting that this type of bee represents a third of all bees in the EU. According to him, the Carniolan bee is the most sensitive bee species and as such also serves as an indicator of the state of the environment. Hailing the resolution, the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association has noted that few countries, if any, has supported beekeeping in such a way, with a special resolution.