Regional Honey Price Report

July Report

Honey Labels

We surveyed our reporters this month asking about the labels they use on their honey jars. We asked yes or no if they used these features. The graph below show overall YES answers, and below for each region. We asked if the following attributes were on their labels:

  1. Product of US
  2. “My” state
  3. Local Honey
  4. Varietal – i.e., goldenrod or locust
  5. Seasonal – Spring blossom, autumn gold
  6. Use a top label for state or Dept of Ag info
  7. Name and contact info
  8. Weight, pounds and metric
  9. Warning about feeding infants



We were somewhat surprised at the variability of each of these label attributes, but it shows how beekeepers share information about their products. Contact and weight info are standard practice in most places, but not everywhere it seems. The rest offer more info for the customer, especially when it sits on a grocery store shelf. Local remains popular but by no means universal. The question, then, is which, if any, of these would help you sell more honey do you think? You may want to consider giving your customers more info in the future.