Questions and Answers- Removing Old Bees Wax

Bee Culture Staff

There is always more than one way to solve a beekeeping problem, and almost always one of those ways is exactly right for you. Last month we asked how you get old beeswax comb off of plastic foundation so you can reuse the frame. My way was to soak the frames, wax and all, in a rain barrel for a couple of days to soften the wax and make removal an easier task. We’re still looking for other ways to do this so if you have a technique that works for you send it in an email with Q&A in the subject line and let us know.
This time, David Taylor sent in his response…

My solution would be to use a 12 setting heat gun from Harbor Freight. The settings range from 430 degrees to 1,160 degrees.
I have used this on lower settings to remove wax from bottom boards and it is fast and easy.

Please send in your questions on other topics also. We’re going to put as many as we can in each issue.
We got a lot of tips on how to liquify your honey without melting those plastic jars, so we’ll be including some of those tips.
Send your questions to and please put Q&A in the subject line.
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