Pollinating Bats!

It’s not just the birds and bees that are losing habitat, pity the poor pollinating flying foxes!

WHILE many people campaign to try to get rid of flying foxes from New South Wales, Australia, some folks say more of the flying mammals are needed just as the animal rescue organisation needs more volunteers.

WIRES Northern Rivers publicity officer Muriel Kinson said flying foxes were a keystone species essential to the pollination of rainforest trees.

“Many rainforest trees are only receptive to pollination at night,” she said.

“Bats, possums and gliders do that crucial pollination, not birds and bees which are only active during the daytime.”

Due to the continual destruction of their habitat, flying foxes are finding it difficult to find suitable locations to make camp.

Mrs Kinson said The Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act has grey-headed flying foxes listed as vulnerable.

She said the grey-headed flying fox was one of three flying fox species that camp at Casino.

“Humans need to create habitat which suits bats, the habitat which humans before us have destroyed.”

“We need long term revegetation strategies to support bat colonies and ensure the continued growth of the rainforests and our very own survival.”

From Wires News