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10 Rules: Rule #3 Part 3

Russian Bees Get It Right A handsome Russian Queen A noted honey bee scientist in the U.S. said some time ago he was weary of dealing with Varroa. That he…

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10rules: Rule 3, Part 2

…of extreme hygienic behavior in a hive, but when only a small proportion of the bees have it then it tends toward being less destructive overall. It’s a tradeoff I…

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Ten Rules: Rule # 3 Part 1

susceptible to the other health issues she has…nosema, pesticides, and especially the viruses that abound in a hive. In fact, the Varroa and virus complex has evolved, at least in…

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Ten Rules: Rule 2 Part 2

anyone will dispute that in general terms. However, the rules that precede this last rule are the tricky part. You have to find bees that build at the right time…

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Ten Rules- Rule 2 part 1!

Rule 2 – Good Genetics The fundamentals of this rule are simple. Accomplishing them is somewhat more difficult, but you have to have a goal. You can raise your own…

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10 Rules Part 2

…when you get them? Are you putting them in a cesspool of chemicals and crud that no self-respecting honey bee would choose to live in, given a choice? Are YOUR…

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