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…for those who don’t want to treat their colonies with chemicals or drugs in these days of Colony Collapse and Neonicotinoid pesticides, apparently I became rather lax in my hive…

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RUSSIAN Honey Bees

not certify any bee stock especially Russian bees. The Bee Lab does not certify bee stock as Russian or Non-Russian. The Russian Honey bee Breeding Association (RHBA) does not certify…

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The biennial renewal requirement was effective upon enactment of FSMA, and the final rule codifies this and other registration requirements. The final registration rule also requires some new information, including…

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Rule 7 Part 1

I’m jumping ahead this time but we’ll get back to Rule 3 soon. But this time I’m looking at something more timely…. The Seventh Rule is: Enough Good Food. I…

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10 Rules: Rule #3 Part 3

Russian Bees Get It Right A handsome Russian Queen A noted honey bee scientist in the U.S. said some time ago he was weary of dealing with Varroa. That he…

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