Nuts and Bolts Almond Pollination Panel


What you’ve always wanted to know about taking your bees to pollinate – but didn’t know who to ask!



The American Beekeeping Federation will host a virtual panel to discuss transporting bees to pollinate California almonds.


Thursday, October 14, 2021

8pm ET, 7pm CT, 6pm MT, 5pm PT — 75 minutes



Expert panelists will address:

·    How to find a bee broker

·    What to look for in a broker and how to protect yourself

·    What you will need to do as a beekeeper

·    What happens if your colonies get stopped at a border station

·    What happens if your colonies don’t make grade

·    How the region impacts colony preparation

·    What to expect once almond pollination is finished


Panelists will dive into the details and answer your questions about the logistics of almond pollination. Understanding the process and having realistic expectations can help prepare you to successfully send your bees to almonds.


This virtual session is for American Beekeeping Federation members only.




A Zoom link will be sent to you an hour before the event.




·    George Hansen, Commercial Beekeeper based in Oregon



·    Denise Qualls, Bee Broker

·    Christine Gemperle, Almond Farmer and Almond Board of California Member

·    Mel Machado, Blue Diamond Growers Director of Member Relations

·    Dan Winter, Commercial Beekeeper in New York

·    Jay Miller, Commercial Beekeeper in North Dakota and Idaho

·    Blake Shook, Commercial Beekeeper in Texas