Nuc Update

by Peggy Garnes

Sunday was a beautiful day for beekeeping in December!   64 degrees registered on the thermometer.

I went out to the bee yard for a spot check and was very surprised with the amount of flight going on.

The styrene nucs were flying and all appears well.  I took a quick peek inside and found a good amount of bees calmly going about their business.  These queens emerged on 8-17-2013, mated and set-up with two frames of capped brood and four frames of plastic foundation.  Syrup water has been in the top feeder continually from the start of the nuc.  The pictures show the nucs have filled out to four drawn frames with a large cluster of bees. (pic 2-3)


The company that markets this construction has a mating nuc that will hopefully be available this spring…I think I will have to try them.  I am pleased with how the bees have settled in the nucs shown here.

Spring is on the way…days are getting longer…a new year is coming!

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