North Dakota Honey Production

Honey Production Remains High in North Dakota

According to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, honey production in 2020 from North Dakota producers with five or more colonies totaled 38.6 million pounds, up 14% from 2019. North Dakota ranked first in the nation for honey production for the 17th consecutive year.

There were 495,000 honey producing colonies in North Dakota during 2020, down 5% from 2019. Average yield was 78 pounds per colony, up 13 pounds from 2019. Producer stocks were 8.11 million pounds on December 15, 2020 up from 6.42 million pounds a year earlier.

Prices for the 2020 crop averaged $1.60 per pound, up from $1.43 per pound in 2019. Prices were based on retail sales by producers and sales to private processors and cooperatives. Total value of honey produced in 2020 was $61.8 million, up 28% from 2019.