Nigerian Beekeeper

I met Daniel Oduntan, CEO of the Institute of Vocational Bee Craft at the Western Pennsylvania
Beekeepers Seminar on February 15, 2014

He had traveled to the United States to learn ways that we keep bees and how the differences could
possibly benefit his beekeeping schools back in Nigeria. He currently is involved in training, apitherapy
and honey production in Nigeria.

Daniel is spending 3 weeks here in the United States and is sharing his excitement of beekeeping and
methods of teaching with us. I attended a presentation given by Daniel to the A. I. Root Company where
he shared documents, pictures and his thoughts on how a relationship could be formed between our
two countries to benefit the bees.

Daniel will be heading off to Iowa to visit a colleague and will be returning for the Tri-County Beekeeping
Meeting in Wooster, Ohio on the 1st
of March.

Beekeeping is much different there with the type of bee they have, type of housing they use for the bee
and the methods of extracting honey from top bar and langstroth hives. The husbandry of the bees
isn’t the same either as we here in the states feed bees during a dearth and in Nigeria cost is a factor.

Much was learned from this gentle man and I hope his travels bring him the answers he seeks. Daniel
can be reached at

-Peggy Garnes