New Series

This is a picture of me visiting the University of Florida apiary where I spent a couple of weeks doing research. Only one of the great bee experiences my scientific career has given me.

Bee Culture is doing something a bit different this October. We have been publishing a long running series in our magazine by author James Masucci titled Bee Driven Mid-Life Crisis. It follows his journey from backyard, hobby beekeeper through all the trials and tribulations of turning that hobby into a business. He hits on topics such as  location (for stuff, for hives, for storage, for honey production, etc.), equipment, the building process, the finances and what he learned along the way, to name a few.

Since his journey is so spread out across so many issues (the articles started all the way back in January 2021!), we decided to highlight his series on our website! Look for a new part every Wednesday and Friday of October. And guess what! Parts 1 and 2 are already out!

We wanted to wait to highlight this journey until he was done with this initial stage of transitioning from hobby to commercial beekeeping. Since he is living the journey we’re sure he will have more insights, lessons and mistakes to avoid down the line but for now, he has settled into this new business and his initial stage of the journey is wrapped up. We hope you find this information helpful (even if you have no plans to create a large-scale business from your bees) and if not helpful, entertaining!

Click here to go directly to Part 1.