More info: Eastern Apicultural Society’s Annual Conference and Short Course in 2013


On-site beeyards are part of the Conference & Short Course!  From basic lessons to advanced workshops, the apiaries are there for you!  With help from able instructors, learn how to “read” a frame, find a queen, spot a great brood pattern, and identify supercedure & swarm cells.                   

The more experienced may learn about common hive problems and how to solve them (drone-laying workers, drone-laying queens, wax moths, hive beetles, Varroa mites, mice, etc.).  Find out when and how to combine hives, split hives, how to replace queens, work a top bar hive and much more!

The Short Course has both a Basic and an Advanced Level.  Students may drift between levels and courses within each level, provided attendance does not exceed room capacity.

New this year: the Basic Level has an optional examination for Certification.  Students wishing to receive the Basic Beekeeping Certification must pass both the written and field test.

AWESOME!  Don’t forget your gear!  It is a hands-on educational apiary, so you’ll be in the hives.  Bring what you normally wear in the beeyard. 

Unsolicited Testimonial:                                                                         
What I found most appealing about EAS is that one can bounce back and forth between the beginner and advanced tracks depending on what one finds interesting. And the time in the apiary and lab – that is really a treat and sets EAS apart from most state meetings.  EAS is probably the only bee meeting where one can choose among several lectures, instruction in the apiary or lab — or even in the kitchen — at any given time, depending on one’s interests.   I think the average beekeeper has no idea of the scope of concurrent educational opportunities from which to choose.   It’s a fabulous program!                                              — Pam Fisher, President, Beekeepers Guild of Southeast Virginia
The Eastern Apicultural Society’s annual Conference and Short Course are organized by a handful of volunteers in the host state.  Numerous members of the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association(PSBA) are hard at work to bring you EAS 2013.   PA beekeepers will welcome you warmly this August!


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