It’s Summers Time!

Spring, Galveston, Time With Ann.

In theory by the time you read this it will be almost officially Spring. I’m not sure what that means in you’re part of the world, but here in Northeast Ohio it’s all over the map. We had a 60° day this week (mid February) and sunshine and today it’s 25° and snowing like crazy. It will be in the 50s over the weekend. It’s confusing for everyone – humans, chickens and bees. When it’s 60 the bees get to make those cleansing flights. Of course there’s no food available out there. As of a week ago all of our hives were alive and flying, so we’ll keep a good thought.

We were fortunate to spend a few days in Galveston, Texas in January, at the North American Beekeeping Conference – joint meeting of the Federation and the Honey Producers and other groups. It was great – right by the ocean, the hotel was just a few yards from the conference center, nice restaurants in the hotel and close by. And it was January in Texas, not Ohio. It’s always nice to get away in the Winter.

The best part of the meeting is seeing old friends and we saw quite a few. I think I only went to two talks and spent most of the rest of the time just visiting and catching up. Jean, our advertising sales person was able to attend with us and she spent her time introducing herself to people she’s only talked to via phone or email. Now they all know what she looks like. This was her first National meeting. And it was very successful. She made a lot of new contacts.

Ann Harman and Kim at the airport in Houston.

One of the highlights for me was getting to spend time with Ann Harman. We hadn’t seen her for a few years. There’s quite a chunk of beekeeping history all wrapped up in that lady. She was writing for Bee Culture before Kim started here over 30 years ago. So he has known her about 35 years – he first met her at an EAS Board meeting in the 80s. Although I don’t remember our exact first meeting, I would have met Ann at my first EAS which was in Lancaster, PA in 1994.

Ann has travelled all over the world – she has visited 29 countries and had 53 assignments as a volunteer. She’s taught people all over the world how to keep bees.

When I get those rare chances to spend time with Ann we talk about cats, dogs, kids, chickens, bees and just life in general. She has stayed in our home and we’ve gotten to know her pretty well over the years. She is definitely one of my heroes and a dear friend. Ann Harman is a dynamo in the beekeeping world. If you haven’t met her, I hope you get the chance one day.

There are a couple of things I want to make sure you are all aware of. It’s the time of year when many clubs are having their Spring meetings and although it’s almost too late now, we are always happy to send you copies of Bee Culture or our new publication, BEEKeeping for your beginning classes or meetings. You just need to let us know at least four weeks before the scheduled event by contacting and she’ll take care of you.

Also, have you heard about the Kim & Jim show. These are webinars that are done live each month, but they are archived on our web page – – so you can go there and view any of the past sessions. The next webinar is scheduled for noon on February 23 with Editor Kim and Jim Tew and others. You can sign up on our web page.

Don’t forget about one of the biggest Spring meetings that we know of right here in NE Ohio – The Tri-County meeting in Wooster. It’s March 4 and last I heard there was still room. But hurry!

We’re still trying to work out the details for our annual Fall event. We wanted to have Bee Culture’s Best in October, but we’re having a hard time getting all or most of our authors on the same weekend. So we may have to change the date or come up with another idea. So watch next month’s pages and we will have made a decision by then.

If you’re passing through Medina in July Bee Culture will be having our annual Pollinator Day right here on the Root Candle property, on July 15. That’s a Saturday and rain or shine we’ll be out in our pollinator gardens with the Master Gardeners, the Soil & Water folks, OH State Extension people, Monarch Watch people and more. There’s food, there’s fun and you get to hang out with us!

There’s always a lot going on the in the beekeeping world. Sometimes it’s hard to get to the actual beekeeping.

Here’s one more. We’re tossing around the idea of getting a group together to travel to the National Honey Show in October in London – that’s right, England. Wouldn’t that be fun. We’ll keep you posted.

I hope you’re having an easy Winter and that Spring will come quickly wherever you are. Take care.